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The Parks & Trails NY Adopt a Trail program is administered through the Partnership. Our area of responsibility is the Canal Trail across the Town of Perinton. Currently our volunteer organizations are -

Waste Management, Fairport Rotary

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Fairport Clean Sweep

Each year the Fairport Perinton Partnership organizes a community clean-up in conjunction with Parks & Trails NY’s Canal Clean Sweep. The event typically takes place at the end of April before the Erie Canal opens for the season.

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Community Service Sentencing

The Partnership administers this program, in conjunction with the Village of Fairport Municipal, for persons sentenced with court ordered community service hours. We see this as a positive for our community in that:

The process introduces a whole new group of people to service/volunteering who can offer new talents and perspectives to the community.

A surprisingly high percentage of participants continue seek to continue volunteering even after the required number of hours is completed.

The Partnership can contribute to helping offenders gain self-confidence, good work habits, a positive work experience, good references, and even new skills.

Community service is restitution or restorative justice, allowing people to repay the community for their offenses.

Success with court-ordered workers depends on an organization’s approach. We see court-ordered placements as an opportunity to build positive relationships, as we pay attention to each individual’s skills, develop interesting volunteer roles, and invite further participation.